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NZ Assist (NZRA): 0508 697 623. Call this number for any Roadside Assistance. This is not 
a free service, and you will be charged if you use their assistance.

*** The Bond/Excess Reduction package does not include tyres (can be purchased separately), rims, glass (additional $500), undercarriage damage, and any kind of towing or storage costs related to damage, theft, recovery, etc.

For Rental Extensions or any other rental related questions/queries, kindly email at 

* If the Hirer(s) wants to drop the vehicle afterhours (before 7am or After 7pm) then they 
can do so at Flyaway yard (Location: 3 Verissimo Drive, Mangere, Auckland 2022, Phone 
number: 0800 776 699). The Flyaway can provide shuttle service to the airport from there 
on. The Hirer(s) also agrees that they will be charged $60 if they drop the vehicle in the 
Flyaway yard. [Flyaway is a 3rd party service, and they don’t work for Apricot Rentals. If 
you drop the vehicle with them, kindly take picture/video of the vehicle’s final condition 
(tyres, windshield, damages, fuel, etc), to avoid any follow up charges].

Note 1: Hirer(s) are not permitted to drop or leave the vehicle (due to accident, any other 
reason, and/or unforeseen circumstances) to any other location apart from 104 
Montgomerie Road, Mangere, Auckland 2022. Failure to do this will incur a $300 fee + any 
other charges related to damages, theft, late drop off, towing, etc.

Note 2: For outside normal working hours (before 7am – after 7pm) hirer(s) can only drop 
the vehicle at Flyaway location only [hirer(s) cannot drop the vehicle outside Apricot
Rental’s premises], Failure to do this will incur a $300 fee + any other charges related to 
damages, theft, late drop off, towing, etc.

The last shuttle for airport leaves at 6:30pm, so in order to get drop off service to the 
airport, come before 6:30pm.

(1) Any accident must be reported within twenty four(24)hours and must be accompanied by a 
police report.
Should the hirer(s)fail to comply with any conditions of this contract, all losses and damages 
suffered by the owner arising out of such failure shall be bourne by and paid for by the hirer(s). 
Subject to the terms & conditions contained on the front and reverse hereof of which the hirer(s) 
acknowledges that they are aware, the hirer agrees to rent the above vehicle and elects to pay all 
amounts payable under this agreement by the method of payment of which details are given on 
this document.

(2) It is Hirer(s) responsibility to keep proof of vehicle condition / Fuel bar level when they 
pickup and until they drop. If the vehicle is returned with any damages / less fuel, and the hirer(s) 
has no clear proof/evidence (videos / photos) of the condition when requested, then they accept 
and agree to pay for all the damages to the vehicle / fuel when it is returned. Note: It is Hirer(s) 
responsibility to keep track of proof of damages during their rental period, failure to keep any 
proof/evidence (videos / photos) of the condition means that the hirer(s) has accepted that they 
can be charged

* Tyres are considered wear and tear, and the hirer(s) is responsible for damages. If there are any 
issues with the tyres, and hirer(s) feels its not safe for them to drive with, they need to state this 
at the time of pickup. OR within 24hrs with picture evidence. After 24hrs, Apricot Rentals is not 
responsible for any wear and tear (slight or excessive), and the hirer(s) would be responsible for 
all costs associated with replacing the tyres.

(3) The Hirer(s) accept responsibility for all traffic violations and accept an addition of $50 
administration fee will apply for all police related fines, tolls, parking infringements, traffic 
infringements, and in case of fuel not being topped up (Please provide fuel receipt when 
returning the vehicle). Note: The $50 admin fee will be charged every time there is a new 
fine, toll, infringement, fuel, etc.

a) After receiving an infringement notice, we will transfer liability for the offence from us as the 
registered owner of the vehicle to you as the driver, providing the relevant infringement authority 
with your name, address, date of birth and driver licence number. We will charge an 
administration fee of up to $50.00 per infringement to cover the cost of transferring liability.

Note: The infringement will be transferred to the primary driver only, and if the primary driver 
claims another party is liable, they can inform the relevant authority once the infringement is 
reissued under their name.

b) If we are unable to transfer liability (e.g. if the infringement doesn’t allow liability to be 
transferred, or if we do not hold all information necessary to transfer liability, or if it’s a toll 
notice, or a fuel not topped up, etc.), the credit card held on file will be charged for the amount 
plus a $50.00 administration fee.

c) You have the right to challenge, complain about, query or object to the alleged offence to the 
relevant issuing infringement authority. If you are successful at having the infringement reversed, 
any administration fee that we have charged in relation to your infringement is not able to be 

d) If you have received a physical copy of a fine or infringement (such as parking related, or a 
speeding ticket) during your rental, and you decide to pay it yourself, you need to make sure you 
pay this at or before the drop off date. As any fines received by us after this date, will be charged 
at $50 admin fee + infringement amount, and you will have no way of appealing it.

(4) The Hirer(s) agree that they will be charged a bond for their rental vehicle. The bond will be 
released upon drop-off, subject to vehicle coming with full fuel, no new damages, no pending 
balances, etc.

(5) Driving Restrictions (vehicle cannot be driven off-road and must be driven on tar-sealed or 
metal roads only) – Hirer(s) are prohibited from driving on:


• 90 Mile Beach, Te Paki Station – Cape Reinga.
• Hazardous Roads (road from coromandel across to Kuatuna, Kennedy Bay).
• All road north of Colville on the Coromandel Peninsula,
• Eastern Bay of Plenty Rotorua – Waikaremoana Wairoa Road.
• Any snow region (Unless an SUV fitted with Snow Chains).
• Any beach site or other areas specified by the owner from time to time

South Island

• Tasman Valley Road (Mr Cook) and Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook).
• Skippers Canyon Road (Queenstown),
• the road to Macetown in the Queenstown area,
• Hazardous Roads (South Otago: Catlins Road – from Balclutha South Otago, Coastal 
route to Invercargill).
• Queenstown State Highway 89 between Queenstown and Wanaka (known as the Crown 
• Marlborough: State Highway 70 (inland Kaikoura Road).
• Any snow region (Unless an SUV fitted with Snow Chains).
• Any beach site or other areas specified by the owner from time to time.

6)(a)(i) In the event that the hirer elects not to purchase Bond/Excess Reduction, then the hirer is 
absolutely liable for any damage (including damage caused by hail, storms, earthquake or other 
natural disasters) up to the full amount of the excess liability specified irrespective of fault.

The Excess is up to $3,000 NZD*
In this context damage includes:

1. Any and all damage to the vehicle including windscreens, tyres, break-in or vandalism, 
theft, fire, towing and recovery costs.
2. Damage to third party property.
3. Loss of use of the vehicle by the owner during the period the vehicle is off fleet for 
repair. This period is charged at the daily current rental rate OR the market rate 
(whichever is higher).
4. All towing and/or storage/recovery/Key making charges to bring the vehicle back to 

* Single vehicle roll over – maximum liability $10,000

6)(a)(ii) The hirer’s liability for damage applies in respect of each separate accident or incident, 
not each rental.

Note: The hirer(s) may claim the excess amount from their insurance provider if they have 
purchased the insurance from them (subject to their own T&Cs). Such as credit card 
companies, Travel Insurance etc. 

(6)(b) Each incident equals one claim. If the hirer(s) is involved in more than one 
incident/accident, then the hirer(s) will/may be charged excess more the once.

* The excess is capped to the package chosen at the time of pickup.

(6)(c) The hirer(s) is liable for all damages to the vehicle regardless of who is at fault. If the 
hirer(s) is not at fault, and a third party admits liability, then a refund will be processed upon 
receipt of payment from the third party.

(6)(d) If the Bond/Excess Reductions option is selected at the time of pickup, the excess will be 
reduced as per the option selected.

i) Bond/Excess Reduction package will be voided and excess up to $3,000 NZD will be charged 
due to the following:

• Negligence or willful misconduct has occurred by the hirer(s)
• Incorrect or contaminated fuel is used (this includes running out of fuel) 
• The vehicle is used in contravention of any legislation or regulation 
• The hirer takes the vehicle onto a beach or sand 
• The vehicle becomes submerged, flooded, bogged or immobile 
• The hirer is involved in a single vehicle rollover. This includes, but is not limited to, a 
vehicle that has rolled, tipped, or fallen over on its side.
• Driving on gravel or unsealed roads (there are no restrictions on which roads the vehicle 
can be driven on, however, travel on gravel or unsealed roads voids the insurance cover) 
• The hirer has failed to stop and contact Apricot Rentals when a warning light appears on 
the dashboard (some dashboard lights are not fatal, and official 
confirmation/acknowledgment from is required).
• The hirer continues to drive the vehicle following the temperature gauge moving in a 
direction which shows a departure from the normal operating temperature. 
• The hirer continues to drive the vehicle after a mechanical breakdown or failure 
(including an accident) has occurred 
• The hirer, does not complete an insurance claim form following an accident.
• The hirer, does not have a police report following an accident (regardless of whose fault).
• Tyres and Undercarriage damages, and damages by hail, storms, earthquake or other 
natural disasters
• Loss of keys (intentionally or non-intentionally).
• The vehicle is taken to South Island (unless the hirer(s) has written permission from 
• Single vehicle roll over – maximum liability of $10,000 applies

ii) The hirer(s) is liable for Retrieval, storage and recovery of the vehicle [to the agreed location] 
following an accident, or other unforeseen circumstances. Retrieval, storage, and recovery of the 
vehicle is not covered under any Apricot Rental’s insurance options. Hirer(s) is responsible for 
all costs to get the vehicle to its depot

iii) Bond/Excess Reduction package does not include New Zealand Roadside Assistance 
(NZRA), and the hirer(s) are responsible to pay for this service. However, if through 
investigation it’s found out that the fault was not caused by the hirer(s), then Apricot Rentals will 
issue reimbursement.

iv) The Hirer(s) agree that if they have taken Bond/Excess reduction option, then it cannot be 
removed/refunded after the vehicle is already picked up. It will continue to be charged even 
when the booking is extended.

v) The Hirer(s) agree that if they have not taken the Bond/Excess Reduction option prior to 
picking up the vehicle, then it cannot be purchased throughout the booking. The only exception 
to this is, the hirer(s) need to bring the vehicle back to 104 Montgomerie Road, Mangere, 
Auckland 2022 for inspection, and only at the sole discretion of the owner, the Bond/Excess 
Reduction option maybe added.

vi) The Bond/Excess Reduction package does not include tyres (can be purchased separately), 
rims, glass, undercarriage damage, and any kind of towing or storage costs related to damage, 
theft, recovery, etc.


vii) The Minimum excess for Credit Card users on Bond/Excess Reduction option for 
Campervans, SUVs and Vans category is $500, and small cars is $250.

viii) The Minimum excess for Debit Card users on Bond/Excess Reduction option for 
Campervans, SUVs and Vans category is $1,000, and small cars is $500. 

NOTE 1: There is $500 excess applicable for all glass related damage on Bond/Excess 
Reduction Packages.

NOTE 2: Single vehicle roll over – maximum liability of $2,000 applies on Bond/Excess 
Reduction Package.

(6)(e) In the event that an accident, breakdown or natural disaster that renders the vehicle unfit to 
drive, or in the event of theft/burglary, the owner will make no refund for the unused hire period 
(including Insurance charged) and the provision of a replacement vehicle shall be at the owner’s 
sole discretion. The owner shall not be responsible for the cost of transporting the hirer and any 
accompanying passengers away from the accident location. In the event that the owner decides to 
offer the hirer an alternative vehicle, the vehicle shall be made available at the same branch the 
vehicle was picked up from, not delivered to the accident location. The owner reserves the right 
to provide the replacement vehicle subject to an increased hirer’s liability and/or to decline to 
offer Insurance cover for the replacement vehicle. The replacement vehicle is not guaranteed, 
and its subject to availability, customer location, accident liability and remaining hire duration.

(7) The Hirer(s) agree to pay for all surcharges where applicable. The surcharged (3.9%) will be 
charged on all Debit/Credit card transactions.

(8) The Hirer(s) agree that they will be charged for fuel if the vehicle is returned with less fuel. 
All cars must be returned with full fuel, as they will be provided with full fuel.

* The fuel charge (per bar/increment) = $10 and with no bar $5 per liter. Note: There will be 
further $50 refueling/admin fee on top of fuel charge

(9) The Hirer(s) agree that there may be an increase in daily rate if the booking is extended. We 
will always confirm with the hirer(s) the rate, and if we get no response in time, and the vehicle 
is not returned before its drop of date/time, it will be assumed the hirer(s) have accepted the new
rate and will be charged for it.

(10) The Hirer(s) is aware that the vehicle is always tracked. This is to make sure the asset is 
tracked for the purpose of finding vehicle location, in the event of theft, notifying relevant 
authorities of tracked data.

(11) The Hirer(s) authorizes and gives full consent that their cards can be charged (without prior 
confirmation/communication) if any monies are owed by them during the rental term, or any 
charges that are concluded after the rental term, this includes but not limited to Tolls, Police 
fines, Infringements, fuel, damages, unpaid rental charges, after hour pick/drop etc. In order for 
the hirer(s) to get clarification on what they were charged for, they can email to for evidence.

(12) The Hirer(s) agree and acknowledge that in the event the 1st vehicle is swapped or 
exchanged for another vehicle during their rental period for whatever reason, the Terms & 
Conditions accepted on the 1st agreement will pass on to the new vehicle agreement. If any 
digital signs are recorded on the first agreement, it will be automatically transferred to the next agreement. If the first agreement is signed manually on a hard copy, then the hirer(s) agree that 
their signature on the first agreement will also translate to them accepting all T&C of the 
swapped vehicle agreement.

(13) It is Hirer(s) responsibility to bring the vehicle back to its drop off location, failure to do so, 
will incur a tow fee (this depends on tow trucks available in that area, and their pricing). In the 
case of vehicle breakdown, the tow fee will be waived if NZRA report states that it’s not Hirer(s) 

(14) Hirer(s) agree and acknowledge, that if they have rented a navigation device with Apricot 
Rentals New Zealand, it’s not guaranteed to show up to date information, so it should be used 
with caution at all times.

(15) Late returns will be charged at the rate of $25 per hour.

(16) No refunds on early drop offs or unused days. There is no exemption to this clause. There 
will be no refunds (rental + Bond/Excess Reduction option + extras) issued on unused days if the 
vehicle is returned early due to accident, theft, change of mind, other unforeseen circumstances, 

(17) If the vehicle is returned in an excessively dirty condition that requires extraordinary 
cleaning or deodorizing, the hirer is absolutely liable for the full cost of this cleaning or repair 
and any consequent loss of use of the vehicle.
Such charges include but are not limited to cleaning of:

a. Spillage of fluids such as drinks, milk, oil, paint, etc.
b. Perishable food.
c. Removal of hair, stains and odors due to animals in the vehicle.
d. Fish and associated smells.
e. Vomit.
f. Cigarette/cigar smoke smells.

(18) The Hirer(s) agree no verbal agreements or giveaway will be honored. All written 
confirmations related to any aspect of this agreement must come from 
‘’ ONLY. The Hirer(s) also agree that getting verbal assistance 
related to any aspect of this agreement over the phone or at the desk is not considered as 
confirmation. The email which comes from ‘’ will be considered 
full and final in relation to any matter of this rental agreement.

(19) The main driver accepts all responsibilities of any additional drivers added and will be held 
liable for all/any clauses not followed in this agreement.

(20a) If any refunds are approved and given, then all monetary refunds are processed in NZ$ and 
Apricot Rentals does not accept any liability for currency exchange rate fluctuations or bank 

(20b) When the refunds are approved for the issues with the car, the hirer(s) accept and 
acknowledge they will be refunded only for the invoices approved (full or partial), and not for 
inconvenience caused.

21) Lost Keys / No Keys at drop off - A set charge is levied against renters who lose their 
vehicle keys. This charge covers both the cost of replacement keys and the loss of use of the vehicle. Apricot Rentals Car Rental reserves the right to charge the full cost of replacement locks 
should it be deemed necessary on security grounds.


(22) Hirer’s acknowledge that on their credit card / debit card transactions, the company on their 
statement will show as Apricot Rentals Car Rental or Car Point.


(23) Hirer’s agree if they are over the age of 70 years, they will be charged ‘Age surcharge’ of 


24) There will be km surcharge levied on all truck rentals and will be calculated at the time of 
drop off. 


1km = 0.55 cents


25) USE OF THE VEHICLE: The hirer shall not: 
(a) Sublet or hire the vehicle to any other person; 
(b) Permit the vehicle to be operated outside his or her authority; 
(c) Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated in circumstances that constitute an offence by the 
driver against any of sections 56, 57 and 58 of the Land Transport Act 1998 (which relates to driving 
under the influence of drink or drugs); 
(d) Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest, or operated 
on any race or rally circuit; 
(e) Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated in breach of the Transport Act 1962, the Land 
Transport Act 1998, the Traffic Regulations 1976, or any other Act, regulations, rules or bylaws relating to 
road traffic
(f) Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated for the transport of more than the number of 
passengers or more than the weight of goods specified in the certificate of loading for the vehicle; 
(g) Drive or allow the vehicle to be driven by any other person if at the time of driving the vehicle the 
driver does not hold a current full valid driver's licence appropriate for the vehicle; 
(h) Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated to propel or tow any other vehicle; 
(i) Transport any animal in the vehicle (with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired people); 
(j) Operate the vehicle on any of the roads set out in clause (5), park the vehicle in any area of a ski field 
not designated as a car park. 
(k) Smoking in the vehicle will be deemed to be soiling the vehicle, in which case the owner reserves the 
right to charge a minimum cleaning fee of $200.00. 
(l) Returning any self-contained campervan without first cleaning the portable toilet will be deemed to 
be soiling the vehicle also, in which case the owner reserves the right to charge a minimum cleaning fee 
of $200.00.


26) CANCELLATION OF RENTAL AGREEMENT BY OWNER: The owner reserves the right to cancel the 
rental agreement (and vehicle hire) when advised by the NZ Police that the vehicle has been witnessed 
as and /or reported as being driven in an unsafe manner. When this occurs, the hirer must present the 
vehicle keys to the NZ Police Officer as requested and the vehicle hire will be terminated with immediate 
effect, without recourse or refund. The hirer is also liable for the towing costs associated with the 
relocation of vehicle back to the nearest Escape depot. Under these circumstances, the hirer is not 
entitled to any refunds or compensation.

27) INDEMNITY: Subject to the insurance arrangements agreed with the owner, the hirer hereby 
indemnifies and shall keep indemnified the owner, its employees or agents against any claims, demands 
and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by the owner, its employees or agents or any 
of them by reason of the hirer’s use and/or possession of the vehicle.

28) PRIVACY ACT: The hirer acknowledges that the owner will collect, hold and use the hirer’s personal 
information for purposes related to the hire of the vehicle and the provision of related customer 
services, including direct marketing and assessing customer satisfaction with products and services of 
the owner. The hirer further acknowledges that such personal information may be disclosed to debt 
collection agencies in the event that the hirer defaults in the payment of any monies owing to the owner 
and the hirer hereby authorizes the disclosure of its personal information for such purpose. 

29) GOOD AND SERVICES TAX: The prices featured on this Rental Agreement are inclusive of Goods and 
Services Tax of 15%

Maintaining water and oil levels is the hirer(s) responsibility. Any cost incurred will be 
reimbursed upon production of a receipt. Should any malfunction of the vehicle occur, any sign 
of overheating, you must stop the vehicle immediately or you will be held liable, and loss of 
bond may occur. minimum of $500 charge may apply.
Vehicles are provided in a clean and tidy manner and should be returned in a similar state 
otherwise a cleaning fee will apply.

A fee of $200 will be incurred by the hirer in the event of the followings:

1.Out of Fuel. 2. Key lock out. 3. Flat battery due to ignition or any lights in the car being 
left on. 4. Changing of punctured tires.

31) How to Pay for Your Own Tolls:

Visit "" and enter your 
Vehicle Registration number to see all tolls pending for this vehicle within 5 days of using 
the toll road. You need to pay for tolls within this period, if you don't, you need to call 0800 
40 20 20 and get it paid over the phone. Failure to pay this way will incur our admin fee of 
$50 + whatever Toll payment notice amount we get.

Note: Make sure you are only paying for your tolls (vehicle registration number & 
Date/time must match your actual rental period). Apricot Rentals will not be responsible 
for wrong tolls paid.

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